I'm Going back to work....Smile & Wave

Well, let's see, today I drove myself 35 miles to see my Upper Cervical Healthcare doctor...I was about 6 miles away from home and realized, I shouldn't have been driving myself. I was like in la-la land. Kinda felt like I was under the influence, but hadn't had any pain meds since the night before, so figured it was just because I hadn't driven in so long. I made it there & back! Praise The Lord!!!

Tried a laser treatment my local chiropractic office was offering me, to see if that would help get the inflammation down....She really does see that my face is somewhat swollen in my TN related area. So that went well. I have another visit with them tomorrow. Hope to get a few laser treatments this week & next week, especially since my Upper Cervical dr thinks he needs a vacation next week! REALLY? (Just kidding, it's well deserved Dr. Casey!)

After all of that excitement I was tired, and hurting. Laid down for a couple hours, just to rest. TN2 symptoms just won't leave me alone. CONSTANT burning & throbbing & feel like my molars are going to explode. Thanks goodness I think my TN1 symptoms are somewhat under control for now.

Decided to get to my daughters Volleyball Tournament. So only went for 1 of her 3 games, which was nice to get out of the house, as long as I don't have to talk to people. But I notice when I'm in a loud area, and I get home, or into the car where its quiet, my TN2 symptoms really pick up...more throbbing & burning. So weird.

Tuesday, Sept 23 I am going back to work. Just for a few hours. My co-workers have been SO wonderful this past mont! I love them all very much for giving me the time I need to let my body rest and try to get back into a remission stage. Although I don't see it happening (remission), I'm just grateful for the time I've had to get thru the worst of it. So, tomorrow I'm headed back to work. The girls know that talking really exacerbates my pain, so I'm going to be doing some "behind the scenes" stuff. Getting caught up on paperwork, and hopefully things that will require me to NOT visit so much. I work in a pharmacy, in case any of you didn't know. I normally talk all day long, in fact some days they can't get me to shut up! I love to visit, chat, joke & just normally am really happy & chatty. Well if you are a customer coming in and I don't say anything verbally to you, please don't take offense. I'll try to smile & wave! I just cannot visit and tell you all about my past month. I want to try to keep my symptoms in check tomorrow. If tomorrow is a good day, I'll try and go back Wed & Thurs!!! I'm actually quite excited to see my 2nd family (co-workers).

Anyway, hope you all are having a pain-free week & will keep all my TNer's in my daily prayers.

Love & Hugs-


PS: Still haven't heard from Mayo. :(