I'm Back

and with a smile on my face.

I may have post surgery headaches for awhile but as of now, I am TN pain free. Oh god I feel like I can breathe again. I even have my meds cut back some already. I just got home from the hossy today, MVD surgery was last Thursday the 17th.

Dr C found that a vein had wrapped itself around my nerve. The vein was too large to cauterize (would have been too much bleeding) and it was wrapped around so tightly it was touching the nerve in several areas. He used padding, of course, to keep them apart. The vein even disappeared into “Meckel’s cave” and he did what he could do for that. I heard him throw out words like “near the brainstem” “large vein” “longer than we expected” but he was excited about the results and that’s how I know he struck gold. I was so worried he’d find nothing. In my case, he told me I was probably born like this but the trauma to the nerve (hmmm remember that dental visit?) just hurried the TN along. So instead of getting it later in life, here I am now. Hopefully all is taken care of. I am supposed to get a video of the surgery next week if technology worked out ok.

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts!! I am taking it just one day at a time :slight_smile:

(I have a few more pictures if anyone else is interested)


A few hours before surgery

4 days post surgery

4 days post surgery

5 days post surgery

6 days post surgery

Glad to hear it went so well, Misty! I hope you continue to be pain free for a long long time. :smiley: Keep us posted on how the rest of your recovery goes and how you feel in the coming months.

Misty hello my name is toni a fellow tn sufferer was wondering your incision looks long how long was it and was it a typical incision i have reviewing pic as i am considering the procedure but am a worry wart thanks

I’m so pleased to hear your surgery went so well. It must be amazing to be free of the pain.

Continue to take one day at a time, and keep us informed of your progress. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Love Jo X x

toni - i’m not sure if it’s considered long or not. it will all be hidden by my hair anyhow :slight_smile: at the point of my pain, they could have shaved my head and cut all the way across if they’d needed, lol - that’s how bad it was. Best wishes to you.

Thx to everyone else also :slight_smile: will keep you updated. As for now I am still having extreme dizzies and headaches. I overdid it yesterday and this morning and I am paying for it. I will be parking it in bed for awhile now.

i i too had the mvd. I had 2 nerves that were tangled in with the artery. He put padding around all sides of the nerve since the coating on the nerve were worn out and tangled. My pain i thought was gone up to now i was pain free now i have had a few episodes of sharp pain going from my gum line up thru the cheeck.something like i had before the surgery. i also got what is most likly not suppose to happen i became numb on half my face. eating is a chore on one side and having to put drops in my eye always cause you cant feel it. Did you have any probems with your surgery if so what? i also had a crackle sound coming from the scar area when rubbed. do you have that too? i would be interested in your progess thnks

I am also curious if you had any side effects. I had MVD 7.22.09. The pain is gone, however i still have numbness in my tongue and a portion of my head is still numb. The surgeon cauterized one vein and padded two others.

Take it easy…I still notice some dizziness when I get tired and push it too hard. So glad you are doing better!

…and thanks for all the pictures!! Your scar is much longer than mine…funny to see different “techniques” :slight_smile:

K - so far I am still numb in a few areas of my head and other areas are still very sore and sensitive. I do not have any numbness in my tongue.

I am still getting dizziness and nausea. I feel mentally ready to get back into the swing of things but my body is not so pushing it too hard is really too easy for me. I added more pics in another blog. They are about 3 weeks post surgery