I had eagles syndrome now I was just diagnoised with Gpn

So I had eagles syndrome had my right styloid removed 2 years ago it took me 9 years to get diagnoised correctly it helped alot but it didnt fix all my symptoms just got a brain mri on friday and it showed a artery presssing on my right side im scheduled for mvd on november 7th ive had symptoms for almost 12 years now 24/7 mostly dull but always present if youve had the surgey and read this let me know the pros and cons also i think there is more to eagles syndrome and glossopharyngeal neuralgia then the doctors think i dont think the fact that both problems are on the right side is a coincidence but from what ive read is the caulcified styloid will push on the nerve but mine was removed and I still had symptoms anyone have questions about eagles feel free to ask the best way to find eagles is with a oral surgeon giving you a panoramic it was my fourth who found it ,ent need to know to look at your ct in a 3d image or they will miss it ,it wont show up on a regular xray that well I literally brought my panoramic to a ent he order a ct after a xray and told me i didnt have it so its very easily missed lucky i only took his word about it for a month take care