I Feel Like A Woman

Shelly opened the topic today about how TN effects her as a woman. Sorry guys, I know you suffer. Women have a whole other set of issues.

Basic psychology of men and women; Men identify themselves with their jobs and accomplishments. Women identify themselves with their beauty and family. That's not to say men do not value their beauty or family and women do not value their job and accomplishments. Both do but there is a bigger value for women in their looks.

Having our face attacked from the inside out is an attack on our value. Having facial tics, having to hide our face, not being able to put on make-up of wash our face, these are all hitting us emotionally. It wears us down.

Lets talk about sex; This portion could be considered R rate by some. For me its just reality. Like Shelly said, I miss kissing passionately. I miss my man being spontaneous. He is so afraid to hurt me our sex life is planned.

While we are here lets also bring up the ugly truth about how our female parts are effected by all this. The medication wrecks havoc on our monthly cycles. Our monthly cycles make the TN pain worse. We get yeast infections from the medications. Not to mention, our Ph balance is all messed up!

As a woman with TN, our emotions are on such a roller coaster its like living with Cybil. For this we feel guilt. We are trained to be wives and mothers. The center of our families universe. When TN takes over our lives, the emotional response isn't easy to adjust to. The family is our first priority. Its their needs that are supposed to come first. All of a sudden its the woman's needs that have to come first. A role few of us are ready for. Again, did I mention the guilt?

All of these subjects could be expound on. I hope the women of this site jump in and tell their story on these subjects. I know I missed a few also.

How does TN effect you feeling like a woman?

oh do i understand every bit of what you said! i’m thankful i have a very understanding husband. we take FULL advantage of the good days. i do miss kissing and just my husband touching my face, i miss those basic intimate moments together. i love how caring he is that he asks how i’m feeling before he tries anything with me, but at the same time i HATE he has to ask. I hate the days he has to come home from a long day at work and clean cook dinner and still take care of me. It makes me so mad! thats my job! i want to clean my house, cook my husband dinner and take care of him. this infuriates me! oh and lets not even go there with the mood swings! can we all agree and just say CRAZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYY!

Ladies, thank you. You made me laugh, agree and want to hug you both.

I was so happy to see I am not the only one facing these issues. Intimate times are far and few because i find this always cause such pain during and for hours after that I am afaird. My husband trying to understand but I can see how frustrated he is. Is this gonna be like this forever, I am only fourty eight and that part of my life can not be over.

Gigi, I am glad you spoke up here. We are not allowed to discuss sexual issues here but I can tell you all of the women here have felt TN has robbed us of our most intimate relationships. I wish there were a place we women could discuss openly the very personal issues. Email me here if you need to talk or vent.