Hurricane Sandy -Barometric pressure-inspiration in the every day -portion control when exercising is not an option

Hi Everyone,

If you are on the East Coast of the USA, I hope you are all safe and dry. Here in Maryland it is very wet and windy ,but for now we still have power...

Is the barometric pressure affecting your TN pain? It has certainly triggered a headache on the same side as my TN.

If you are living with TN, then I am sure you and your loved ones are trying to keep moving other pieces of your life forward. If you have kids like we do then your children's resilience has probably been tested as you have been suffering. In my wife's latest blog post,she talks about surviving the storms of childhood and adolescence. Click on the link below for more ....

Sometimes when the going gets tough with TN it's hard to find something uplifting in the everyday.In this post Gilly talks about finding inspiration in our surroundings.Read more below

Since my TN returned a year ago, the boat load of drugs I have been on have really prevented me from having the energy to exercise, but I still love my wife's desserts. In this post Gilly talks about how to have your cake and eat it.

I hope these posts give you a break from hearing about the weather. I'd be glad to know your thoughts on any of the issues I've raised.

Take care