Howz it going these day?

I think it will be good if from time to time we write how we are dealing with GN pain and what treatement is helping.

Recently I started getting sound in my left ear like when you go for swimming and ear gets choacked and than it is tick tick tick for 1-2min and back to normal. I had 1 more Brain MRI done. There is no blockage. It is all normal, than why this pain? Dr. say continue with medecation. Neurontine 400mg X 3 times/per day. Whole week pain in my jaws and teeth (right side). Root of tongue, keeps bothering me with pain.

Neurontine has helped me. Now Dr. started CELEBREX 200mg and I sleep with ice bag under and side of my head, like Annie to reduce imflation.

Above all and everything prayers helps. think good and positive. Think many things that God had blessed us.

Have a good day and take care!

How are you, Preety?