Homeopathic and/or Alternative treatments

Hello All,
Has anyone tried any homeopathic treatment with any success? I find Valerian Forte helps a little and now I wonder what else may be beneficial.
My GPN is on the RHS of my tongue.
Any feedback greatly appreciated as meds really play havoc with me.

I had success with the homeopathic route for about six months. Sphingolin and Serraflazyme, combined with infrared sauna, message, and detox diet. My holistic counselor was top notch, trained in Europe for years. He was up in years and retired, moving out of state. You will need to do some research to find a good practice and you will have to dig deep as they generally don't take insurance. Still well worth the few months of relief. It could last longer for you. Who knows, it could end the symptoms completely!

It all depends on the cause of your GPN. If it is Eagles Sydnrome then I doubt there will be anything to really help besides surgery if your pain is constant. If it is due to inflammation, then consider having your Vitamin D and B12 lebels checked first, along with ESR and CK to see if there is any current inflammation.

During attacks it is also good to have these checked to see whether inflammation is playing a role. ESR and CK may be raised, also there is alot of scientific research out there which correlates low vitamin D levels and inflammation. Vitamin D is important for proper immune function and inflammation control.

Consider taking high strength fish oil with no less than 1 gram of EPA content. Fish oil is broken into EPA/DHA. Also around 4-6grams of Flaxseed oil. Other things to add are grapeseed extract and CoQ10. However, if you have any blood clotting disorder, or are on any anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications you MUST check with your doctor first before taking fish or flaxseed oils.

Acupuncture is also very beneficial for GPN to settle attacks. Other things to consider is whether you have TMJ issues and ensuring they are addressed. Basically it is trial and error on what works for each person. However, if it is caused from am anatomical issue like Eagle's it may be harder to control.