Hi, wanted to know how many with being diagnosed having GPN has had hoarseness with the pain, esp. when pain is bad. But also just flaring up whenever, not always regular with pain intervals. Also loss of taste, thefore loss of appetite, and decresed weight and stamina. Was justputn Zyprexia after Dr. rushed me to ER when she saw me in her office. I didn't realize, nor did my loved ones that I was so dehydrated. So, have your loved ones keep close eye on your nutrition intake, it is vital to feeling better.

Thanks, Have a super weekend!

K. Kaleher

Hi there,

I have noticed hoarseness/a gravelliness of my voice, increased throat and upper palate pain and redness, and pain with swallowing. My throat feels like its been burned. This all gets worse when the nerve flares. Makes eating a challenge.

I had MVD Sept 2011 but relief of symptoms was very brief (months, and that only after a brutal recovery postop). All my symptoms are coming back and I feel pretty lousy these days.

Im on Baclofen (30mg daily) (which gave me 50% reduction in nerve pain for a week. Need to increase the dose as I have had a wicked week of pain). ALso on Zonigren 200mg which helped with the awful headaches I would get with the nerve pain and Diamox 125mg twice daily for the pressure pain I would get on top of my head.

I wish you luck.