I have had throat pain on the right side for 4 months. Had a ct scan of the throat , no infection etc. I am also 9 weeks pregnant . Today the ent said he thinks it’s it’s gpn. He said I should Have an Mri to rule out brain tumors but I can’t have it because I’m pregnant. I’m terrified. Reading about it I wonder if it is gpn since its constant pain. Desperately in need of support and someone to talk to about this. With gpn would I have pain 24 hours a day? Do I need to be worried about tumors? I’m also only 29, never smoked and always been healthy. Help please .

Hi Danielle, it must be very worrying for you when you should be enjoying your pregnancy. How about you phone up your doctor and ask what if any effects an MRI may have on your baby. MRIs are sometimes used to help diagnose fetal issues and sometimes used on children because they are safer than x-rays. You need to understand what, if any risks are associated to having the MRI. With neuralgias, quite a few of us get sent off to make sure there are no brain issues per se, its just part of the diagnosis path - so don't worry too much. If your doctor can't help, then call up a couple of the MRI providers and ask them to send you some literature or ask if there is someone you can talk to..

GPN also has an atypical variant, so if you search at the very top right hand corner, it will pull up all previous discussion on the topic.

Hope this helps :)

Thank you for your reply. The doctor said I can’t have an mri when I’m pregnant. I just have to wait and hope. Does it sound like I even have gpn? I can’t find anyone that has it to talk to . It must be so rare

I really also want to know what is my outlook with this? I love being active and want to enjoy my life? Is this going to ruin my life?

Hi Danielle. No one here can give you a definate diagnosis as to whether you have GPN or not. Prehaps you can get a second opinion on having a MRI. GPN is usually managed by meds. Have a look at the tabs at the top of the main page for info. This is not going to ruin your life. We are all here to 'talk' to.

it took me 10 months and lots of testing and doctors saying ‘I don’t know’ before my diagnosis. it’s worse before you know. then there are meds. and they help. and they have side effects. but it’s manageable. and there’s meditation and that’s stuff too which I’m happy to discuss if you’re interested. good luck!!

Can you describe your pain, when it happens, what you can or can't eat, if there's a trigger, etc.

An MRI might not show a problem, even if you have a blood vessel pushing on the nerve.

We've been through the pain, and in my case the surgery to fix it, and it worked for me. Hang in there, you're not alone.