Has anyone gotten thrush from taking lyrica. I started it full time about 10 days ago. I saw it listed as a less common side effect, but my neuro says that is not the cause! He wants to try me on keppra, anyone have success with this med, and what kind of side effects?

I can't help you with the lyrica question, but I can tell you that several years ago I had trouble with yeast infections all of the time, which is what thrush is. I started taking my medication with a Danactive every day. I also eat yogurt two more times a day. The Danactive was the recommendation of a dietician who knew I had a lot of medical issues. Try it.

I am taking Lyrica and have had a few side effects but never had Thrush. I was on Keppra but remember Keppra being worse then Lyrica. Have you tried Carbatrol or anything like Carbatrol? It seems to help me.

No, I haven't tried the Carbatrol, but I must admit that I made the mistake of reading the side effects. I have learned my lesson on that! I asked my neuro to hold off on prescribing the Keppra, so I could do some more research. I was really hoping someone could tell me what they are taking that is working for them, or a med combination that is working. I have been through so many medications with little releif, I am over it, really really over it. So if anyone has any medication cocktails that are working for them please share, I'm desperate.

Hi Catherine , I am taking Lyrica ( 150 mg twice a day) and LamoTRIGne (50 mg one hour before going to bed). Before this , I was taking clonozepam ( 50 mg) instead of LamoTRIGne . I don’t have any side effects with this combo of meds.

Always ask your pharmacist - they have better hours and know the meds inside and out - and if they don't - they look them up! Better than playing phone tag with dr. nurse !