Help! i need support please!

Hello everybody, i just joined and i need as much support as i can get. I was recently diagnosed with aytipical TN. For the past year after a root canal i have experienced the worst pain in my life. All my teeth have root canals and i cant stop the pain in the gums, teeth, head, and face. Its constant, and every doctor told me i was making it up or i was weird because there was nothing to cause it. They tried me on Neurontin and i have horrible side effects so i can only take pain medication until my surgery...which i need to wait until i get health insurance :( I dont know how i am going to get by with this pain for the next 6 months...I am scared, lonely, and no one that im close with understands. I cry every time i brush my teeth, i cant eat, and im so depressed. If anyone can relate to a continuous burning pulsing throbbing feeling please please respond back to me. I need to know there are other people out there that feel the way I do and i would love to hear from people so we can help each other.

Hello, Jen! I am so sorry you are suffering so much. I also have a constant throbbing in my jaw, eye, ear, forehead, and behind my ear, on the side of my head. Sometimes the pressure is so bad, I feel like my head is going to explode. I also get the electric shocks that come and go but the throbbing never stops. I have really been struggling this last month with breakthrough pain. I was doing pretty good through the summer but ever since the seasons began to change, everything is worse for me. I understand about feeling depressed also. I have some really good things in my life, a wonderful husband , amazing kids, good friends. But the last few days I can't help but feel so sad. The pain just wears you down. I have always tried to deal with this monster by taking it one day at a time, one hour at a time, even one minute at a time. But lately, I am so overwhelmed with the pain, this is just not working for me .

You are not alone. I am so thankful for this support group! It helps knowing there are other people that know exactly what you are going through. The other good thing about this group is it always helps to think of others and try to help someone else. It gets your mind off of your own woes and pain.

I am here for you. We can help each other bear this tremendous burden together!!!

Hoping for better days for you!


I am here. Jen, Karen, I see you but I have not been on this website for awhile. Jen, i just went to dentist against my neurologists advise and it was a mild cleaning...= horrific pain afterwards. 5 days of dilaudid and no relief (to best of my knowledge) for 48 hrs even on dilaudid. it had been 2 yrs since my teeth were checked and i had no problems, no cavities....i too am in constant pain....hard for me to see and concentrate let alone navigate around on here. JENN, IS IT ABSOLUTELY NECESSSARY TO GO TO DENTIST? i never would have gone and they hardly cleaned. xrayed, checked and mild clean.....terrible pain. DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEE TO RESPOND TO THIS.....SOMEONE BRIEF ME AGAIN HOW TO NAVIGATE AROUND....been so long. I HAVE BEEN since 1995 w/ this but almost 2 yrs of INTENSE PAIN coming and going. mostly coming. neuro sending me to a pain mngt MD. wants me on fentanyl can i help?

Maybe you can ask your doctor if they could try you on tricyclic anti-depressants, nortriptyline or amitriptyline. They are known for their help in treating type II pain. Boring burning 24-7 pain. I myself have found relief with Effexor and amitriptyline. I wish you the best. I hope you find something that works soon!!

Thank you so much for the kid words and responses. I am on an anti depressant now but i could def talk to my dr about others MIN- i appreciate that! I unfortunately needed full mouth reconstruction, i had severe thrush at 10 years old and i still have it. They know it destroyed my teeth and they all failed. I had no choice but to see a dentist so fix my teeth :( it was supposed to be a gift and now im left with nothing but agony. I first noticed the pain after the first root canal i had, and i kept telling them. No one listened and said it would go away. It then worsened and turned into a burn throbbing uncontrollable pain. Im not even done with my mouth and when i go to the dentist i blackout from the pain because novicane does not seem to work :( im at a loss... i know my vicodprofin isnt controlling the pain but i cant believe im at a point where i need pain management. I just felt like for the past year ROBIN i have been ALL alone and i was going crazy, and now i see this is real. I just need to hear that others are going through what i am so i can get the best physical and mental help i can. KAREN, thank you so much for sharing that with me, it brought tears to my eyes because i couldnt have said it better. Thank you for understanding and i will def try the advice you gave me. Its true, i feel like after a year i have so little left to fight with. I want to just give up, but i cant let this defeat me. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RESPONSES AND SUPPORT :) <3

They should probably put you under when you get your insurance. So you can't feel as much of this agony... I'm sorry you have to go thru this hon. :~(

When you are in chronic pain you need all the support you can get but it is usually in short supply from family and friends who have no idea what you are going through. No matter how much I have tried to explain they just don't get it. So I have stopped trying to get them to explain. I have been very lonely so I know how you feel Jen. You need people to hold you to comfort you not to run away from you. We will hold you in our arms and hug you and stroke you even though we are all so far away and you can write to us and tell us what you are feeling any time and we will try to help you through this. In the beginning my children headed for hills. I became another person after the TN set in severely. That is why I have joined this site to also get support and help because I a more alone than ever. My husband is a brick but he works and I am alone with my pain and my thoughts. But we can all stand together, those who know what this isolating painful condition is and we will support each other. This is very uplifting.

We are all with you Jen.

Hi SufferingJen, I just wanted to pop by and say Hi and that I am sorry that you are also suffering from this horrible illness. I can only voice what the others have said and say that we are all here for you to hold out a helping and understanding hand. I have got a very supportive husband, although we only got married last year and my TN started shortly after, so our first year of marriage has definately tested our relationship! Like some of the others have said, my children don't really understand how I feel or how bad the pain really is, although I do tend not to make a fuss infront of them either!

I do hope that you get some relief from your pain shortly but please use this site as we are all friends here in the same boat and together we can beat this thing or at least try and make things a little easier by here for one an other.

Take care (((hugs)))