Heavy feeling in arms and legs

The past few months I have been getting this heavy/numb/hurting/cold rush feeling in my arms and legs. It is not all at the same time, but moves around throughout the day.

I have bilateral TN and just had DREZ done in May. My Drs aren't responding to me when I tell them about this and I am getting worried. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it just feels heavy like I can't move it.

I am on Lyrica and Vistarol..anyone have any ideas?

For days after my second MVD both hands felt wet off and on. Surgeon was surprised then said it would go away and it did. I spoke about your experience with DREZ to a surgeon last week and she said it’s very dangerous to go rooting around in the spinal column. The good news is that the nerves repair themselves, as you’ve seen from multiple MVDs.

Thanks for your response Pam. What are you thinking of doing now? It gets worse when I use my arm (texting, writing, driving.)

Dear Ally,

I’m sorry you’re going through this, I too have bilateral TN & my advice is I would ask your doctors to organise a peripheral nerve conduction study so they can see whats happening there. And yes, nerves to regenerate over time. I myself am having a nerve conduction study done tomorrow because my legs and arms go numb, tingly, and occasionally my legs collapse under me for no reason, I get joint pains that just start and stop and my knees feel like they’re turning to stone and are hard to move or bend + my hands drop things like the coffee mug i just picked up and to add insult to injury I now have muscle atrophy just in the left thigh.

I’ll fill you all in on the results of my NCS when I get the results back, but Ally, what do you think about asking for a peripheral nerve conduction study being done?



Thank you so much, now I don’t feel so different! What did they lead you to believe you might be experiencing?