Has anyone noticed that the pain in the inside of the mouth disappears when eating?

I was diagnosed with ATN and my symptoms were persistent 7x24 numbness and tingling in my upper left gums. I found the pain relieved while I was eating, and even felt completely painless. So for a long time, the doctor gave me a diagnosis of BMS, until I did a trigeminal nerve MRI.
I now suck on candy every day, and it helps reduce pain. Has anyone noticed a change in pain when eating?

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Yes. Many times I have noticed pain is absent in my mouth when I eat, and it’s very nice, but the pain immediately returns once I stop chewing. Chewing on candy all day wouldn’t help me. I am very sensitive to candy, but I like your idea, so I am going to explore this more. Thanks. Best to you and what you struggle with every day. I can identify!

Yes, I have noticed that too. I have type 1 and 2, with a v2 distribution. Early in my pain years, I would try to hold my face completely still, because smiling and talking defiantly triggered pain, I was afraid to eat also. But I read about someone else years ago that would chew gum really fast and that would somehow disrupt the pain signals. Well, sure enough, it also worked for me. Of course it doesn’t always last, but sometimes just having a little time off helps. Eating a regular meal also tends to help.

Yes, I notice this too, but as a “stage” of the pain cycle. At first, eating is painful, next, it’s tolerable, and then, there isn’t pain while eating. I don’t understand why officially; partly, I think it might be connected with the state of my jaw…

I have TN2 and I will try it. I am a Teacher and talking is an all day thing. By mid afternoon I have such intense pain, burning and throbbing in side my mouth. Feels like the inside has been put in a meat grinder.
My face is so hyper sensitive and the only thing that works for me is ice to freeze the nerve. My neurologist said that’s a sign of TN is burning inside the mouth. Told me my triggers are eating, talking, touching, brushing your teeth, wind, ect…so limit those as much as possible. How do you even do that! Basic daily needs. TN is terrible, crippling, and so hard to live with!

Yes, mine is upper left gums as well. It’s so painful 24/7 too. I used to have the electric shocks, but this is new. I take 10/100mg carbamazepine tablets daily, but this doesn’t touch this pain. I have noticed too that at first eating is very painful but after I begin to chew it becomes easier. I put oral lidocaine on my gums and it helps but not for long. I’m going to try chewing gum to see if that works. I’d blow up if I ate all the time:-) Peace be with us all!!