Gum tenderness when brushing

hi everyone,

So I am supposed to have ATN but I was told by one neurologist that it is not ATN (he said i have facial migraines) and the other one said I have ATN. The MRI shows some issues with the trigeminal nerve and a blood vessel.

Anwyays I have been having some strange symptoms. While I brush on my bad side (left) on the lower gums, there is a lot of tenderness. Its not an electric shock but its like I had been punched in the jaw and now when i touch the area on the lower gum it feels sore to the touch. When i use an electric tooth brush this soreness is even more pronounced.

I was wondering if this is in any way consistent with ATN? the pain is in the same location and is a sort of throbbing dull ache.

Of course I have a lot of other symptoms (occasional pain on the other side, pain around molars and occasional shooting pain inside the jaw joint). But i was wondering if maybe there is something else going on.

I never had any of the shock pains.

thank you for any feedback!


I was diagnosed with Classic TN and have a variety of issues in my mouth, at least I did before the drugs. It would move along the top of my mouth and my teeth to the bottom of my mouth and teeth. Sometimes parts inside my mouth would go numb. But anyway, my mouth was very involved in the onset of my TN

Now that I only get "breakthrough pain" my mouth gets sensitive. Sometimes it feels like my teeth are too sharp! Brushing can hurt sometimes.

I had some symtoms that made them diagnose me with TMJ at the beginning, and some of those symptoms remain today. So although I was not called atypical I am pretty sure that what you're experiencing could be part of your TN.

nerves are tricky!

thank you MelissaK,

I'm still so confused about what I have. The pain is not shock-like like TN1, and its not constant burning like TN2. Its weird dull aching and also a painful sensation around teeth/gum like im chewing aluminum but its not constant, its coming and going all day. But I have found a trigger, my temple. So i am still going in circles.


I have no pain outside of the fave everything is inside the mouth and I’ve been diagnosed with atypical tn

Oh ya I don’t get shocks , episodes etc either

Mine is an ache as well when it first started I would touch my lip or side of ear near temple and lower back tooth would hurt. Now sometimes when I talk it will hurt or move my jaw a certain way.

Juliette you sound very similar to me…I have yet to find anyone else who’s symptoms sounds as alike …would you mind a chat please?