Hard to feel new

After 6 days with no headache, no migraines and controlled TN pain I'm finally starting to trust moving. I mean physically. The first few days seemed a fluke. the next couple a miracle, and I just wanted to sit and enjoy the freedom of pain after years and years of pain, and several months of living at 100% near suicide full blown lighning storm flair.

Last night was my sister's family meeting with the new family before the wedding today. Not being used to talking it was a lot of social interaction for an evening for me; but such an amazing blast with no headache and no migraine meds dulling me down.

Even Todd commented on how my eyes were completely different, and even my face was different than 'hell week'. There have been many people commenting on my eyes lately and how they look very different than a very long time.

It took about 2 hours for me to start to fade and for it to act up, my nerve starting to flair up and tingle/shoot, so I had to go home and rest, but had a great time before that and hope to have a good time tonight as well and will pace myself from too much stimulus or talking.

Todd's aunt Michelle is a Unitarian Minister and we had a wonderful talk. His parents are amazingly funny as well, quick and funny, we had lots of fun. Nice surprise to see Jeff and family there.

Started to get a headache some what this morning, but fell asleep again on the couch so that could be a reason. Want to cook some things up and get them to rosie's deep freezer but lacking a bunch of enthusiasm. Maybe some coffee and toast?