Had MVD Surgery April 3rd didn't work, Not sure if I should get a second one if that is my optioin

I was dignosed with Hemifacial Spasm on my left side and for 2.5 years I was having botox , each treatment lessened the effect so my next step was to have the MVD surgery. I had this on April 3rd and was able to go home on Good Friday April 6th. I blew my nose on the Thursday to feel a pop in my left ear and pain then I had slight reddish fluid drip from my nose . They did a cat scan and they did not see any fluid in the brian but they did see some gas but I felt pretty good and the twitching was very little. (no one told me not to blow my nose) Then I got a sinus virus I was coughing really bad, throat hurt ,ear hurt along with I could hardly hold my head up it hurt so bad so my daughter took me back to the hospital just to be sure.

I have now recoved from that but my ear pain and my head aches are bad. I know it has only been 7 weeks after the surgery but I never thought I would have this kind of head pain.

I recently just seen my surgeon and we are doing another MRI and spinal tap. But he thinks 3 things might be happening to cause this 1) when I blew my nose I blew out the plastic 2) I have fluid on the brain. 3 with all the coughing the pad might have moved.

But as I read the blogs and peoples storys. it seems like the MVD had not worked well for most and some having 2 and three of them. So I am not sure if having another one would be helpful and want to be prepared for a answer when we get the test results back.


1) Is having sharp ear pain and temple head aches part of the healing ?

2) if so how long should I wait it out before knowing the MVD surgery did not work?

3) Would anyone suggest something else that worked for them ?

Thank you


I had MVD on APril 20th. I still have ear pain and temple pain. I was reading and someone said it would be a full year to heal.

Yes, I seen that too , I am just waiting to hear back from the surgeon I have a CSF leak but they are not sure where it is coming from which might be causing some of the pain. I had all the test done last week, Spinal tab, altra sounds, Cat scans. I should hear back this week ..

a couple of weeks ago I did have wetness of my incision? It did go away so I didn't think much of it and I have had nothing since then. It feels like a pinching feeling on the top and side of my head. I think it is healing on the inside. Anways good luck.