Keep Greg in your thoughts and prayers today ge is having his MVD surgery in Miami.

Hoping all went well, sending positive thoughts and prayers for a successful outcome!
(( hugs )) Mimi

Hi Mimi, I am home how and I am just going through the recovery stage, but best of all I dont feel any TN pain! I am so thankful for your and Ed's prayers and thoughts. I was really nervous going into this but Im glad I did..Now I just need to get over this recovery period of aches and pains and disorientation and weakness. But no numbness. I do have blurred vision and sore throat and lips all of which the Neorsurgean said will go away. Again thank you so nuch for your thouhgs and prayers..

Hey Ed, looks like my first message didnt go through. Im a lil disoriented (taking me forever to type this), but thank you very much for your prayers and thoughtfulness. Im home now and so the surgery was successful. Now I am pain free! hope this is like yours, 30 years. I am experiencing some disorientation, some pain and aches in my neck and head area and blurred vision. The NS said this wo uld go away soon. I also have a sore throat and lips from the breathing tube. But no numbness, nausea, and some weakness, but I can get out if bed and walk around without getting too tired. Im just a bit disorented, but it should go away with time. Thank you again for putting me out there for thougts and prayers, i really appreciate it. Im glad It did this and I hope this doenst ever come back..GregB

Couldnt be happier for you Greg. What a wonderful feeling it is to wake up and be pain free. Those side affects will slowly go away.Hoping for a lifetime with no more TN pain for you. Congratulations now rest and heal...ED

Wow, so pleased that all has gone well, long may it continue x

Such great news Greg!
Rest, rest, rest…let your body be your guide, we all heal in different time frames.
Wishing you continued wellness as you recover.
Touch base when you’re able too, (( hugs )) Mimi