*GOT IT BACK* And I've lost my NSF Scholarship Folks!

What happens when you take an incomplete for the semester due to TN?? You lose your coveted National Science Foundation sponsored Scholarship for the following semester. I really had my heart set on being a Science Teacher, but I don't know if that can happen now. Don't get me wrong, I am going to appeal this decision! I was doing so well with my students until my TN flared up and the meds got me down. But seriously?! I'm having enough issues with breakthrough pain, and trying to find the right medication that doesn't make me break out in hives. I'd really prefer if issues like this just wouldn't come up. The next thing I know my insurance won't cover my MRI or something. Oh goodness, I shouldn't type it, what if that really happens?! Bugger.

*UPDATE*- I challenged the decision by the head of the scholarship committee. I alerted the REST of the scholarship committee to this decision. They all met as a group, and decided that of course a medical issue like this is an acceptable reason for me to take an incomplete. It should NOT be grounds for me to lose my scholarship. I therefore STILL will have my scholarship for next semester. What a relief. THANK GOODNESS!!! I urge everyone not to take things lying down and to always fight for themselves. Whether it is for your medical care or a situation like this. It really does pay off.

Please feel free to vent away. That is what we are here for. It is hard when everything is going wrong to not to project further doom and gloom. Please know when I say that I have fingers coming back at me. I have often learned though I will lose sleep over nothing when I do that.

So sorry about this. I agree with you and think you should appeal the decision because you have a serious medical condition and that should be taken into account! Good luck to you. XXOO

I am so sorry. As a fellow student with a scholarship that not only dictates the amount of credits I have to take spring and summer semesters, but also says I have to do other things, such as be a mentor, attend leadership workshops, etc. I can only imagine how devastating this is. I’m glad to hear that you plan to petition this.

As for the MRI, best not to even mention the possibility. My insurance only covers 80% so I’m waiting for bills from my blood work, x-ray, and MRI with contrast. Fun times!

Hang in there and don’t let TN kill your dream of being a teacher.

Thank you for the kind words!! Not taking things lying down pays off. I challenged the head of the scholarship committee and it payed off. I alerted the rest of the members of the scholarship committee and they met and decided as a group that OF COURSE my medical reason for taking an incomplete allowed me to KEEP my scholarship for next semester. HURRAY!!! YAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!! Victory :) :) :) :)!!!!!!!!! Phew.

YAY!!! That is so exciting and I’m sure a relief for you as well.