GN book

wondering if anyone ever read this before-it was very useful to me when i was first diagnosed. just wanted to recommend it.

it is called Striking Back! The Trigeminal Neuralgia and Face Pain Handbook

I know it is about TN and we are so much cooler having GN (lol) but it is very useful in general, talks about all the different drugs, therapies, and many other things.

Ha ha, all the cool kids have got GN! I was saying this on the other board recently, but that all the cool kids have tusks!

Yes yes and yes, it’s a great book, it’s really interesting and informative, how neuralgia works, causes, treatment, dental issues and the likes, but it is very much focused towards TN, I don’t think that there is a GN equivalent though, there are just so few of us so it’s little wonder I suppose!!!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neuralgia though, no question about it, tis the Bible for the spazzy faced!
(I mean no offense to anyone with that at all, I’m just very sarcastic and flippant about this where I can be, it’s how I cope!)

Much love though

Gracie x x x