Global TN Awareness Day


I'm from Jamaica. There is little known about neurological disorders outside of the medical arena. I started a group on this site for persons in the Caribbean who have TN, so far none have found it.

But I was wondering, is there a global day for TN awareness? An official colour or ribbon?

Excellent question. I hope someone posts an answer, I have no idea.

That would be wonderful! I wish I knew the answer to your question.

Hope you’re feeling well today. :slight_smile:

~ Vicki

Please go for it!! Hope all is well let me know what I may do to help.blessings~~

Hi Zaneta,

I do see that there is a Trigeminal Neuralgia awareness ribbon..(which I am trying to get info from Stormy)

I don't see any where about a Awareness Day for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Maybe we as members of Living with TN can start this campaign?

559-TNawarenessimage.JPG (7.86 KB)

we have submitted 2 designs for ribbons that Stand Out!

NO solid color in the opinion of several of us-- we are needing to draw attention

Ohhhh Zaneta -- we come to JA every other year! we have made a friend out of a driver we met out of negril -- but we've traveled everywhere except Kingston!

I wish Me Soon Come!

That is def. an amazing idea...I would love a ribbon and a day for everyone to acknowledge the pain and suffering we experience when most people have no idea what it is! :) I know if ribbons were for sale it would be the first thing i would buy!

What about something like solid darker background with a lightening bolt-type stripe down the middle. For the electric shocks or bolts of pain??

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the responses. There's an online petition for the awareness day. @TNNME please post the link here.

@Kc Dancer Kc I'm in Kingston! you'd love it here. I haven't been to Negril in a whiiiile.

I just went and reintroduced myself = forgot I already did that!

Have you started any treatment yet? for Our Global/ International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day!