Gamma Knife and GPN

Well, I was searching the Gamma Knife and MVD center in Charleston, SC and they have an “ask a nurse” program. I sent in my question asking about the possibility of gamma knife helping GPN. The nurse was quick to reply. Unfortunately it was not hopeful. She talked with a doctor from the Gamma Knife Center and said that gamma knife is not a hopeful treatment for GPN. The nurse wished me luck with my appointment next week with the neurosurgeon. She also offered a number if I needed a second opinion.
I was so sad to hear that gamma knife isn’t a positive treatment for GPN. It almost seems pointless to continue seeking treatment. If the neurosurgeon doesn’t have positive thoughts on how to treat this “AWFUL CONDITION”, I will stop trying for a while and just take my medicine.
I am on the pain patch, Butrans 20. My neurologist put me on the highest dosage. It is offering some relief. Not enough. I will go back to the Nucynta for pain, if it doesn’t help.
Taking daily: 900mg Neurontin, 200mg Nortryptilene, 20mcg Butrans (little relief) :frowning:

Hi Denise,

Have you thought about the MVD procedure? If I get diagnosed with this, I will be looking into it myself

My neurologist won’t even conisder the procedure. She said that it’s too hard to find. I am going to wait until next Thursday and the neuro surgeon may have a different view on operating. I will let you know. Thanks for asking.