Flying With TMJ & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Hello - this is my first post. Does anyone else have problems with TMJ and Eustachian tube dysfunction on the same side—and experience pain while flying?

I had to take a flight and I dread flying because I get ear pain on the decent. I can’t chew gum because of my TMJ. It’s a real challenge to fly pain free.

When I fly the ear/jaw pain is bad and I can’t tell how much of is TMJ and how much of it is coming from the Eustachian tube. The pain can last one or two days after the flight.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this double whammy? Thanks!

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I do not have TMJ., but , before severe episodes of Facial Pain I will hear a " Glub-Glub-Glub" noise that my ENT says is ET dysfunction . For the associated ear pain I place EMLA inside my ear . It’s a numbing medication that works quite well IF your pain reads as being in the Ear Canal.


Thank you for the information. I just googled EMLA cream, I think I’ll give it a try. Yes, I get the pain in the ear canal. I’ve tried Aspercreme, arnica, and a Korean product called ping on ointment. I put those in the ear canal, only one of those at a time. They help some.

Hi, I do have tmj pain ad TE dysfunction. I do have tmj prosthesis and there are so little I can do for this. I do have cronic prosthesisinfection and the swelling make my ET locked.
but i found it usefull use nosespray before flight, both steroides and otrivin. I also have some tablets (rinexin 50mg, contains fenylpropanolamin) I can take to help reduce my pressure caused by I cant relife the inner ear pressure because of swelling. Hope it can be for some help for you too.


Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. I will look into the meds you mention.

On my last flight I had nasal spray, Afrin, with me but did not use it. I took Sudafed by mouth instead, it helped a little. The only reason I didn’t use the Afrin was because I was flying at night and I wanted to be able to sleep when I landed. I used Afrin years ago before a flight and it kept me wired for a long time. But I think I prefer feeling wired with minimal ear pain as to not taking it and having a lot of ear pain.
I had used Flonase earlier in the day before my flight, I think it helped.

I have had an MVD for right side TN. I have episodic ear pain or pressure. Exasperated by flying. I use a decongestant and airplane plugs. I feel like I have fluid in my ear all the time. Sometimes the pain feels like an ice pick in the ear to my throat.

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