Flying From UK to USA


We're flying from Manchester UK to Newark New Jersey (approx 7 hours) and then down to San Francisco next week (approx 6 hours) . Holiday of a lifetime yet I'm really worried about the flights due to my TN. Have looked at posts on here and on the internet but a lot of the drugs are unfamiliar to me - perhaps because they are unavailable here in the UK? Apart from Tegretol (I take 600 mg) daily. I also have Tramadol which I took the first week I was diagnosed as it knocked me out and I could catch up on some sleep.

I'm wondering if earplugs might help? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

Earplugs likely won't help, Vonny. But many neurologists in the US would recommend that your dose of Tegretol might be temporarily increased a few days before your flight. Please confirm such a plan with your primary care provider, before you decide to up your own dose.

FYI, many drugs have different names in the US and UK. One very good online source for figuring out which is which is You can look up almost any drug on that site and find its equivalents and a wealth of data on its effects and side effects.

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I got my nephew some Noise Canceling Headphones before his deployment to Afghanistan, and he LOVES them. He encouraged me to get them for myself, as I am very sensitive to all kinds of noise (I have very bad "common" and sometimes even "classic" migraines as well as Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia).

There are many brands, but after much research, I decided on Panasonic RP-HC700 Noise-Canceling Headphones Sold by: Electronica Direct (Amazon: Condition: new) $96.90 each.

For long flights, he loves these, and he is now on his second long deployment, hopefully coming back by the end of summer.

And welcome to the United States, New Jersey & San Francisco, a wonderful city! Don't believe that old Mark Twain quote, "The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco." (But they do have some weird weather, and on some hilly streets, if you don't like the weather, just cross the street, and it will change! I learned this on my own LOL) Carry On! (jqt)

Thanks Red and John for you replies. Will check with my doctor re upping my intake of tegretol. Just started with dreaded hayfever so now have antihistamine, eye drops and nose spray to take as well!

Hi! I flew three days ago from California to Hong Kong (13 hours). I have two more fights while in Asia ā€“ to Beijing and Tokyo before returning to the States. I was nervous but it was fine! I took extra meds, just in case. I also took Sudafed as a decongestant to alleviate some pressure in my head. My neurologist recommedned it and the pharmacist helped. I it about two hours prior to flying. I also had Xanax to help calm my nerves ā€“ it was useful. As others have suggesetd, of course, check with your GP on this stuff!

hi Frances - am taking sudafed already for hayfever so will carry on with that. Iā€™m nervous about the flights - so fingers crossed!!

Hi Vonny,

As the song goes, "if your going to San Francisco/Be sure to wear tegretol in your hair/" Get in touch. We can visit Haight Ashbury and take TN drugs. Trigeminal Neuralgia Hippies. I have Brit friends so I'll be able to understand the UK language.

Hi Bill - that sounds far out !!!