Feels like bone pain in chin and jaw-swollen lymp node

Hi everyone
My latest bit is this.After my thyroid was found to have nodules I tried to see them in the mirror.But what I noticed was this,a very painful bump on touching to the lower right of my chin.I went to my doctor and after some hemming and hawing he let me have an ultrasound and put me on antibiotics.The technician confirmed it was lymph node,but no results until next week.The bone in the chin and jaw feels like it has been punched,but this has been creeping up slowly.so not a new punch,a week old punch.
My doctor has told me to go to the dentist for the jaw pain.But everyone is on holiday until Tuesday.
Any thoughts or ideas on what to ask for at the appointment or experience with this would be helpful.Thanks

I forgot to mention that this is exactly under where my one tooth and gum hurt.

Maybe an abcess which is a serious infection and your limph notes are demonstrating it. You’d need antibiotics today.

Hi Jean Marie
Thanks for the response.
Not the tooth/I was at the hospital yesterday and they did tests and a panorex and said NOT THE STUPID TOOTH
So,I have a tooth and a half that are sore-plus the gum between those two and it not dental related.
But obviously it is hard to right me off as having neuropathic pain if the lymph node is getting inflamed.
The dentist referred me to an ears,nose and throat guy.
Before I give up on all of this I will have those 2 teeth pulled.One more year.
I don’t think I can bear it any longer than that.

I forgo to mention that mt family doctor put me on amoxicillin on Friday.
Not really doing much-might be starting to help now,but I don’t really think so.

I have been suffering from this for the past two weeks. My dentist says he believes all this pain is coming from the tn nerves that run along there. I do not have any teeth due to bone disease so I have dentures. I have an appointment with neurologist because I am finally giving in to the Mri I was supposed to have two years ago. I also feel like the whole side of my face including behind my eye deep in my ear and my nose is getting worse. I am wondering if anyone ever experienced a little bit of swelling in their face with also? Thank you

Oh my gosh,
Yes For 8 months I have been telling the doctors that the bad side is
swollen.No wrinkles on it.It actually looks good.But the pain is
unbelievable.BUT,so far the doctors have just said that is is the same.I
cannot believe that.I even sent them pictures to point things
out.But,alas,to no avail.
I wish you luck.I am not sure whether you replied to everyone or just
me.You might want to check.If you do not get any responses ,you just
questioned me.
I wish you luck,and keep me and us posted.

I have a dull pain on my right side jaw. I went to dentist when this first started and he said nothing. I feel lucky because some dentist would explore pain. I called my ENT doctor and he suspected TN. went yo Neuro and was diagnosed with it. This was in 2015. This week I went to dentist and was explaining to him my pain. I feel as if I have a vice grip on my lower teeth and jaw and my lip feels as if I had a shot in my mouth. Sometimes my ear is painful. I am on not meds but go to accupuncture. I also have to go back yo eating a no carb diet. I do feel lucky that my pain is at a 6 at times. Sorry so long. Good luck to all!!