Fasting - Ramadan/Lent/Cleansing

The Lent season is coming for me. I fast for the 46 days from Sun up to Sun Down like my Muslim counterparts. I have friends who fast for 60 days with meditation for cleansing of body and soul. Here is my question. How does this affect us on the AED's? I know that Vitamin D is processed faster or differently on these drugs. So taking my multivitamin may not be enough. Are there any recommendations from you all on how to abide by my rules of fasting and take my meds properly. Hopefully without a horrible attack while doing all this at once for such a long time. Any advice is welcome.

I am not familiar with Muslim fasting.... do you drink or eat anything at all during those 46 days? And if so, what? That would be more helpful I think. When I think fasting, I thinking no eating or drinking at all.

I don’t eat or drink from sun up to sundown during those 46 days. The last time I was ill, I drank water or juice to keep my sugars up.

My thought is that if you are taking your AED's more than twice a day you are asking for trouble, big trouble -- if you skip that afternoon dose. I respect fasting, and the faith reasoning behind this. The medical reasoning though, does not support not taking these types of meds consistently. That is what I would worry about. Do you have a cleric you can speak with about taking the meds with but a sip of water at that time? I don't have anything on my meds that says that I have to take with food or juice. I am on a liquid only diet already as I cannot chew, but not for faith purposes.

The consensus from doctors and clerics is not to fast. But its something I need to do. I’m not yet at 3x a day. But I will keep that in mind.

I am going to tip toe around this for a bit because we have different systems of faith beliefs and I do not wish to offend or to push my own person beliefs onto you. However, I do believe we worship one common God. Why don't you prayerfully considering give up something other than food for a fast considering that your health is at risk. I believe that God wants what is best for us and would not want you to risk your health in order to fast. I had a pastor once tell me that God doesn't necessarily want us to refrain from food, but wants us to give up what is most IMPORTANT to us... that is what we worship more than him. For me, that has never been food as I just flat out have never enjoyed food that much. When I was younger it was TV. I would watch that rather than spend time in prayer or reading the bible.

Perhaps you can find something that is just as honoring to God, but which would not endanger your well-being?

Either way, hugs to you... I understand and hope that you can find some peace during the upcoming time.

Jennifer, please make sure that any meds you take are taken with water. I am sure you can take your doses in your allowed times and then you should be fine, a member in the past did have special dispensation from her Cleric to do that. You are being true to your faith which is admirable but please do it with care for yourself. Jackie

I am Catholic and fasting for Lent is my greatest sacrifice Lisa. Years of watching people give up small things and failing at actually doing it is why I continue to fast. I do have options as Booklass mentioned. I just never used them before. Last year was the first time I was too ill to do it. I drank water or juice to get by post surgery. My question wasn't whether or not I had other options. But whether or not there are things I should watch for. Whether or not those who have fasted noticed while taking their meds ill effects and how they dealt with them. Giving me information already at hand isn't what I was after. I do appreciate the support Jackie. I did find some info on another page for Buddhists. The consensus seems to be to supplement with protein shakes if possible or to take my meds with the course of fasting if only taking them 2x a day. Now that I am on a 3x a day schedule. I will probably stick with juices. If I notice changes I can't handle I will adjust with protein shakes accordingly.

Sorry, Jennifer, I misread the question. I read it more than once, but lately it seems I just don't comprehend as well. Really sorry. As for the meds issue with fasting, my personal experience was with the autoimmune meds, and not what I take for TN. I found that if I did not eat with the meds they hit me harder or tore my tummy up. But that doesn't really help you much. I am also Catholic, and my intention is to do what I did last year with my new med. situation since I already know that I will have to anyway. (That includes protein shakes since I have to watch drops in blood sugar)

Oh, I am sorry, I misunderstood from reading (likely meds as well)! Like I said, it was not my intent to offend at all.... for me, giving up food would be meaningless.... I have gag reflex issues, always have, so I hate food. For me, food would be the lessor thing, you know? I realize that is not so for everyone. Anyway, I really, really hope that you find the answers and do so in a safe way.