Face muscles that can't relax/ muscle spasms in face and jaw pain

Since I had a cavity filled in an upper molar, I am having a new symptom I am wondering if anyone out there is/has experienced and what they did about it. My face muscles are super tense, I try to relax my face and jaw , but it seems my muscles are just tight and wont budge. Its causing a constant achy pain. I don't want to massage my face for fear I might trigger something else. Any suggestions out there? I have never had this before so I assume it must be related to the nerve injury to my trigeminal nerve branch and who knows, perhaps my dentist injured other nerves as well...

thanks Cleo!

What are the spasms like?

just like constant sore stiff, tight muscles that cant relax. Like I have been clenching my face all day and now it is sore , but I haven't clenched all day. Its hard to explain. Also is jaw pain part of TN or no?

Jaw pain can be from the 3rd branch. My teeth click together or the bottom teeth push on the top spontaneously, very frustrating.

I don't know what to suggest. Maybe you could get some muscle relaxers to see if it will help relax your jaw and face muscles. Good luck to you!