ENT follow up

Right vocal cord paresis, still the diagnosis. I am healing. He claims I am in the infant stage of recovery for cranial nerves. (11 weeks) Breathing a bit less labored, speaking a bit louder and less mousey. Will continue with speech twice a week and still out of work, “totally disabled at this time.” I worked with intense pain, no one really knew, on and off for seven years. Now I feel great, am pain free, but no voice to do my job, so I am home. It’s crazy!!! Still seeing this as a blessing. It was an intense procedure, not to be taken lightly. But certainly worth it.

Speech therapy is incredibly more than I thought. For the past several years, I have been speaking through my teeth, to avoid triggering pain in my tongue. In addition to strengthening my laryngeal nerves/muscles, she is working on getting my mouth to open and the tongue placement. No more Brooklyn accent! :wink: We also work on breathing, so speaking is less of a labor. Just wanted to put this out there for those of us who suffer with pain in the tongue. Don’t overlook the benefits of speech therapy, even before surgery. She, Ann Gordon, East Setauket, Long Island, NY, has a client with Trigeminal Neuroglia who sees her now for relief.

Keep fighting my GPN family for yourself and each other! hugs~