Eating was once something I enjoyed very much. You can tell from my past photos- chubby physique and round face. Eating has now become something that I dread. You can now tell by the missing 29 lbs from my frame.

The past six months have been an emotional challenge. Going from doctor to doctor trying to get an explanation as to why my face and teeth feel so dreadful. I've had doctors look at me like I was insane... Sometimes they shuffled me out of their offices with that "You're seeking narcotics" look on their faces.

The fact is I feel TERRIBLE. Every single day is a challenge to go to work, get off the couch, get out of bed, simply live life. No one can understand the pain, fear, anxiety that comes with TN- that is unless they have it too. Only people with TN know what it's like to avoid eating a salad because it triggered an attack. Only people with TN know what it's like to drink milkshakes for dinner. Only people with TN know what it's like to eat out of intense hunger because they know the pain that will follow.

I always wanted to be skinny....Just not like this.

Please be checked for chronic sinusitis by a ENT!

No sinusitis… I wish it were all that simple. Neuro says definite TN because of the electrical shocks I get in upper left teeth and left side of nose. Hoping the tegretol kicks in soon!!

I am going through a similar thing but it has to do with the nausea caused by trileptal. Trileptal works but I have to take a very strong anti-nausea pill or risk vomiting. Lost 4 pounds in the last month and keep losing. However I can't smile even on Trileptal. If I do I get such an ache and a few lightening strikes. It took about 3 days for the med to kick in and I kept going up until the side effects were too much. It was such a relief. I decided I can handle a few strikes a day and am a point where I don't want to go up on the meds because of the side effects.

Just keep at it. It will work soon.

I had extreme pain, electric shocks in upper teeth and left side nose increasing over 4 years. I could not even blow/touch my nose. When I had infection removed from sinusitis, I had a 70% reduction in all those symptoms and was able to reduce gabapetin from 2700mg per day to 1500 per day. When my face swells from some allergy, the pain increases (shocks, etc.). I do not feel that the medical profession has a good cause/effect knowledge of TN

Sinus pain on top of the TN would be absolute hell. Nothing in any of my tests including mri shows anything abnormal in my sinuses. Good news is, yesterday and today I have felt much better- though not 100%, I didn't spend my whole day on the couch and even ventured out for a bit. I completely agree about the medical profession not having a great understanding of TN. That's evident in the fact that most of us have to see 5+ doctors before it's dxed. I'm thankful I've seem to have found a good Neuro (so far) who is taking an active interest in reducing my pain. Crossing my fingers the Tegretol is starting to work!