Duration of Attacks

So I am not sure where I fall into the TN scale. I have a constant pain running across the right side of my neck from my spine to my jaw and up to my eye. The constant pain is tollerable but I am fairly used to dealing with pain. However, it is the random stabbing that get me. I feel a slight "charged" sensation before I am crippled for 2 to 5 minutes in pain. After the attack is over, the pain dies back to the original setting. Is that 'normal?'



It sounds like you have both Type I (crippling "charged" sensation) and Type II Atypical (constant pain - jaw and up to eye). There are a surprising amount of members I've had contact with that have both. Some doctors think it's impossible to have both but I do not concur, because I have both too.

I encourage you to join the Atypical group here. You'll get a lot of good information.

Hope this helps.


Hello, Jordan.

From reading the many stories here, it seems that the disorder of the 5th cranial nerve, called Trigeminal Neuralgia, can manifest itself in so many different types of pain for all lengths of duration.

However, what you described, the shocking type pain is consistent with classic Trigeminal Neuralgia, or Type I. The constant pain from your jaw to your eye, truly does sound like Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, or Type II.

I could have simplified this, couldn't I, after reading Gloria's response to "yeah, what she said"! Right?

Yes, I believe you could benefit from the information being discussed in our Atypical group.

What I have learned is that one must do their own research, when it comes to any type of TN. Because it is rare, healthcare professionals, many times, treat patients whose knowledge of their condition is greater than that which they possess, unless they specialize in facial pain, perhaps.

Best wishes for effective, informed and compassionate care.


Hi Jordan,

I just watched this presentation by a neurosurgeon from John's Hopkins and among many other things he describes what you are describing. He says it can be a rare combination of type I and type II TN.


Hope this may help you a bit, best of luck.


Hey Steven,

Sadly, I have watched the video and it really does fit. I tried to get in to see a doctor there and they are more then 7 months out for new paticents. So, I am looking for someone new.