Duaghter & mom

I have been having Trigeminal Neuralgia for about a year…it it so painful, sometimes it has it remissions but when it comes back I am so miserable. I did not have insurance in the past to treat it I was taken a medication from Mexico that was calming the nerve. November 2nd was my first doctor’s appointment and November 26th will be my first neurologist appointment. I had a little pain since September but today my pain is really bad, I have attacks every 5 minutes and they are lasting about a minute. Normally my pain is mild and last a few seconds…not today!!

My mom seems to have TN as well…she just doesn’t want to except. She continues to say it her teeth, the dentist have removed several of her teeth. I keep trying to explain to her that she just has except it and find ways not to activate the nerve by touch the area around. She does not listen and she screams off the top of her lungs when she is in pain after I explain that it could make the pain worse she has a house full of medication and the Neurologist already told her she has TN and she still doesn’t believe me or the doctors. Its weird that we both have it. Does anyone have any advice to help my mom understand?

Hi Laura, maybe she could join our group OR you could print off some info for her to read? Is she taking any meds for her TN? Perhaps another consult with her and her neurologist to explain things better? Good luck at your neuro appt. make sure you write down any questions or concerns you have, that way you won’t forget when you’re there.
(( hugs )) Mimi