Does anyone have a Pontine lesion/MS?

My MRI's show lots of lesions on the brain as well as a pontine lesion that has grown larger over time. Just wondering if others have been diagnosed with MS also as the MRI's are beginning to suggest this as a possibility.:(

I too had white matter changes that showed up on my MRI. These are common variants seen in all individuals. Commonly seen in MS, Lyme or past trauma. My surgeon refers to them as UBO's-unidentified bright objects. Do not make the diagnosis of MS from these MRI changes alone.

Hi, I don't have pontine lesions but I have MS and multiple lesions in the white matter of my brain. Have lesions in the cerebellum near the ventricles, frontal lobes and also brain stem. I suffer from very nasty bouts of GPN. Haven't had a nasty one for a while and haven't had any niggling for 12 months. I use acupuncture to help manage both my GPN and also symptoms from MS.

I also have Sjogren's on top, as misery just loves company...

What CNS symptoms are you suffering from? I assume you suffer from GPN to be on here but curious as to your other symptoms and I'm assuming you don't have a firm diagnosis for MS yet?

I should add here that there are many other diseases that can mimic MS, but MS has a pattern. Lesions are usually in a particular area, attacks or excerbations usually occur within 1-2 years for RRMS, for PPMS it is a stead decline. Many of the symptoms are very similar amongst people with MS. Some will suffer from a lot of symptoms, whereas others not as much. But it is all very similar, yet very individual with disease progress.

They diagnose MS using what's called the McDonald Criteria

I was diagnosed several years ago with GPN. My Neurologist explained to me that MS was usually (not always) associated with GPN and many times patients with GPN may not realize they also have MS. He further explained that he was unsure which came first... the MS or the GPN.

I will ask my Neuro. about Pontine Lesion. He explained that there appears to be calcium deposts along my brain stem and to remove those was very risky. He predicted these calcium deposits were left as a result of having Viral Meningitis.

Fortunatley, I have found ways to relieve the GPN pain. The MS is mild but there are days when I notice flare ups of itching, etc...

Yes, GPN with MS and/or Sjogrens are connected. It is a very rare symptom of MS and usually occurs as a result of MS because of small plaques on the brain stem close to or on cranial nerve 9. It also can be caused just by inflammation to the nerve caused by MS or Sjogren's. It can also be caused by other diseases. Diabetes is another such disease where GPN can rear its ugly head. It rarely is on its own. It's just that some people haven't found the underlying cause to theirs.