Does anyone else feel like an addict when they ask for refills?

My GP is pretty weird about prescribing painkillers, but they DO work for the burny pain prior to the sharp stabby pain. Every time I call up, I feel like a criminal asking for a refill, even though I always take them as directed. Does anyone else feel like this, or am I just being weird?

No you are not just being weird, but it’s really sad to me that it does make you feel that way. You should not have to feel that way just because you require medications to make it through life. Obviously, if you weren’t taking them as prescribed or if you were selling them or something you would have reason to feel that way. There are many folks in the world who fall into our chronic pain category and who need medications to just get by and it’s just not fair that any of us should feel that way. Try telling yourself just before you call that you are not an addict and that you need these meds to get by and see if that helps any. Much love, Ali

Hi Spacebunny. I felt weird about the Lyrica because it required A Direct doctor call in to the pharmacy. When I asked why the pharmacist told because it is considered a controlled substance. Well I was scared to drive with it in my purse for awhile, but like Ali suggested I just kept telling myself the doctor prescribed this, you have a label with your name on it, it'll be ok. Had to say to myself many times before I got used to it!! Peace, Min

Bunny, an "addict" acts very differently from someone who is dependent on a medication to control pain. Addicts become seekers of the "high" or the pleasure associated with ever increasing amounts of the drug of choice. Those who are dependent on medication for pain control more frequently seek the drug in stable doses and only to control the pain. I wish you emotional wellness as well as a pain free day.

Regards, Red