Dentists\Drs think im making up my pain!

I just off the phone with my endodontist, who literally said im making up the pain and thinks im an addict because i shouldn't need the medication i do...i cant take drs\ dentists anymore...they have no idea the horrible agony im in everyday! Im going through full mouth reconstruction and he must not really know what TM is because i just told him and all he could say to me was i want medication?!? I WANT MY LIFE BACK! One would think that if someone just wanted medication they wouldnt be going through the surgery I am going to have to get off of it! Im so depressed because addiction runs in my family and i would never want to be like the people in my life who i have lost because of it! I HATE having to be on Meds everyday!

If you have been through this or know anyone who has please let me know! i feel so alone :(

i know what you mean suffering jen, about the addiction in the family. i have been suffering for years unwilling to take anything other then tegretol because i have a sister addicted to medications and alcohol. ive been scared to try for that reason, but it has isolated me to my home for the past couple years because of the pain. my doctor just convinced me a couple weeks ago to start taking percocet with my tegretol when needed to help take the edge off. she said, did i want to be stuck in my house for the rest of my life or did i want to be able have some sort of quality of life. convinced me, so now i can be a bit more social but im high when i go. what a trade off. im sure people that dont have a clue about TN, which is everyone, probably thinks ive taken up some recreational drugs. sorry to hear you are struggling with drs. my struggle with them was that they didnt think anything was wrong with me for 6 years other than depression. we all have so many struggles on top of the pain it self, it is really hard to cope. hang in there. Jacqueline

also like my doctor said. we are on these meds for a serious medical condition and the fact that i hate having to take them tells her that i will have no trouble coming off them if i can and shes not worried about me becoming addicted because im so conscious of it. hopefully that helps to ease your mind a bit. we do what we have to in order to live. Jacqueline there is a longer comment before this one. this was an after thought.

Thank you Jacqueline Charron-Chapman i feel much better knowing that! Its very hard to watch people you love abuse drugs and struggle with life and then when im in agony and being accused of just wanting drugs its mentally debilitating. Its sick that drs\dentists\specialists do this to us.

Cleo Im not sure what type of filling was used...I have not had an Icat yet. Basically my front 6 teeth have horrible throbbing and burns on the 2 teeth next to the middle ones. I get pain in other areas of my mouth as well but its the worst in that area.They tried me on neurontin and it helped the pain alot...but made me into a zombie and i couldnt remember anything and was literally walking into walls. The pain meds help but nothing like the combo of neruontin and the pain meds.

Jacqueline Charron-Chapman thank you for that comment about needing to be on it and not wanting to that is exactly how i feel that made me feel so much better hearing that...your totally right we do what we have to do to survive and once i can get the surgery meds will be out of my life forever. THANK YOUU!