Does a trigger always mean things will get worse?

My mother had a successful rhizotomy less than 2 years ago. She had a trigger today for the first time since the procedure. Does that mean things will get worse? We are all the way in the middle of no where Africa. Should we start making arrangements to leave? Any advice please?

Not always. It sounds like you have very unique challenges when it comes to medical care. I am not sure what advice to give you.

The procedure is not a cure…nor does it lasts forever…it can come and go, and can give you remission, Nobody will know if it would get worse…sorry.

Can you get a prescription called lidocaine cream…or better…lidocaine patches for face.

From my experience the trigger may not get worse but be a lesser irritant than the original pain. It may go away or it may get worse. Either way I would suggest going back on medication, she probably was on before that worked pretty well, and stay on it until she knows more. Hope this helps and good luck! Mary