Do you have Dizziness after MVD surgery

Hello Everyone
On Behalf of my Mother my mother she just had MVD surgery recently and now she is felling dizzy all the time can anyone with an experience tell me that is this supposed to happen.

You should check with her doctor. I didn’t have that problem & had 2 MVD’s.


I had mvd 7 years ago. I still have dizziness. Not all the time though. It comes and goes.

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Did you have a 5 inch incision and 48 stitches with your MVD surgery?

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I could never walk a straight line after my last MVD in 2002. After 19 years my balance is only gotten worse. One of the many possible side effects from an MVD. Hopefully the pain has decreased for her so, unless the balance problem is severe, that’s a good thing.There are many other complications that could occur as a result of an MVD, so we have to realize that it’s a very tricky operation for a very difficult affliction. I hope she’s able to deal with the balance issues as life goes on.

After my MVD surgery i had vertigo twice. I’m not sure if what your mom has is the same. If it is, a vestibular physical therapist was amazing. Best of luck to her.

I have had five MVD’s.
My most recent one was in April of 2018. I had my Trigeminal nerve decompressed and I also had my nervus intermedius severed for treatment of Geniculate Neuralgia.
I have been dizzy ever since. I have total vestibular dysfunction.
I cannot drive more than a few miles to Target. Nothing more. I have spells of terrible vertigo that cause me to vomit. I feel like I just stepped off a big boat…swaying and off-center.

I hope for the very best for your mom.
Dizziness in the first several weeks is perfectly normal.
But she definitely needs to keep her surgeon informed.
I have had every imaginable test and scan. I have seen several vestibular therapy specialists.
I have learned good coping strat

Yes I had MVD surgery in 2014 and still have dizziness.

5 MVD surgeries? How big were your incisions? I’ve had 1 and never want to go through that again. I had a about a 6 inch incision and 48 staples. Did you go through that?