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I have a question on certain autoimmune diseases that may cause TN. If the compression is found on the nerve can u still have Sjogrens? alot of this makes sense, but abit comfused. Even with compression does the autoimmune disease cause it or do you get this in conjunction?
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Joanne, its funny you bring this up...I have ATN, and had two compressions and had a successful MVD, but now have other issues and they believe I have Sjogrens! I am currently going to Johns Hopkins Sjogrens center for testing, and am waiting for an appointment for a lip biopsy.

The thinking is from what my neurosurgeon said, is that we all have compressions, but underlying disorders can flare up and then cause the TN or ATN pain. The belief of the neuro at Hopkins is, that if they treat my underlying disorder, then the TN will be 100% controlled as well...I still get twinges now and again, but nowhere near the pain I had. The thing is , if an underlying disorder caused the TN, the damage is done...therefore, fixing the original condition may improve TN but not cure it if that makes sense.

If you have Sjorgrens, I would love to pick your brain a little if you dont mind.

I hope I gave you a good answer

Wendy "crashgirl"

Thanks crashgirl,

Go ahead and pick away. I have so many sx all over the place, but the intial,and outstanding sx is dry mouth it comes and goes and now so many other sx worth investigating with a rheumotologist, so pick away

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