when do you know your suffering from depression? what does it feel like?

Depression and chronic illness like TN unfortunately can be a package deal. It can be something that you struggle with through out having TN, have just one bout of it, or not at all. It really is going to depend on you as person. With that it is also going depend on you on how you feel when depressed. It is very common to have lack or no intersted in things that you were before, feel as if nothing is ever going to change, or go right, a feeling of doom, the walls are caving in on you, and being sucked into a black hole. It is rather a nasty feeling. I have struggled with crawling out of that black hole before, and for some of us it is a work in progress. The important thing is to talk to others about how your feeling; if that is to those close around you or here. It helps a lot. Another thing is to look for the good. This can be as simple as someone giving you a hug or a flower you saw, but just look for the good things and acknowledge that not everything is as bad as it seems. If you feel especially depress talk with your doctor it maybe some ain’t depressants will help lift that black cloud over your head or seeing a therapist to help you work through your feelings. It is also very normal and alright to feel this way having TN is hard to deal with and as long as find a way you to work through your depression it will be okay. Lastly finding some activities or hobbies can help to. I find that gardening really helped me, listening to music, anything the helps you get out of your head for just a little bit. Mediation can also help too on clearing out your thoughts. All of these take some doing and nothing is an over night fix, but after awhile you can be back to your self. I am sorry if your feeling this way. If you need to talk please feel free to say anything you need to. We’re all here to help and support each other out. (((Hugs))) and hope you’re feeling a little better.