Depakote cream, anyone else using this... Any side effects?

My doctor gave me a prescription for Depakote cream, an anti-seizure medication. He said this is faster working than the pills and is suppose to give immediate relief. After a two week battle with the insurance company I finally got approval for the meds and started it about 5 days ago. Since starting it though I get these shooting pains in my left leg and arm. And I still have a level of pain in my face. I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried this medication before and what happened when they used it.

I am suppose to use it twice a day on affected areas. So, the left side of my face, but I use on both because the pain is starting up on the right side now too. I tried looking this up online but most of the forms this medication comes in is pill form so I am kind of lost on whether its actually the same or not.

I never heard of it, but I got voltaren cream from a maxilofacial surgeon. Gave some mild relief I still use it daily. But its no miracle

No but my pharmacist said they have something called universal pain relief cream. She said it has gabapentin, lidocaine and ketaprofen.......and something else in it.

Can any or all of these creams be used on your face?I assume the one from the maxiofacial doc can…? What about the others ?

My pharm just told me these are all made from compounds or mixture of compounds… Can my general practitioner prescribe any of these or do I have to wait until I see the neurologist?

Yes I put it on my face a few times a day. its pretty good I recommend it. That universal pain cream I have to look into defiantly. The voltaren is an nsaid "diclofenac". Its like putting Advil on your face. Its taken away headaches before. Although its pretty hard to determine which is a headache and which is face pain sometimes especially when its both. I have mostly left sided pain, but I apply it on both sides and around the neck.

The depapoke cream was prescribed by my neurologist, however, I'm not sure if your gp can prescribe it. But I had to go to a apothecary to get the cream made because I was told a regular pharmacist couldn't make it. I also put this on my face, generally both side because lately I have pain on both sides now, use to be only on the left. It relieved some pain, but I just had a 4 day pain episode that was not helped by anything I used. It also is accompanied by headaches.

My pharm just told me these are all made from compounds or mixture of compounds… Can my general practitioner prescribe any of these or do I have to wait until I see the neurologist? This gives me a little hope but it’s like nothing will ever take it away completely…trying to be positive but hard rt now! I would like to know which of the creams is most effective and also about dude effects. Thanks everyone… Having a bad day with the pain and really anxious it will get worse…of course it’s the weekend!:stuck_out_tongue:

Its for arthritis so maybe you gp can prescribe the voltaren. Hope you feel better, don't underestimate ibuprofen and a heat pad.

Also benzocaine. Good luck today

Therm, A heating pad is my best friend most days. I have a few of those neck pillows I wrap it around so I can use my hands for other things. So far this week, which has been clouded with pain everyday, the depakote cream has not helped, but I take some aleve and use the heating pad. The Aleve at least helps with the headaches! My one thought is, its been stormy here every day, does anyone else experience pain with the weather changes?

Kate, I've never used Depakote cream, but I have taken the pills before for migraines, I don't know if the side effects will be the same or not, you'll want to be incredibly careful around your period because Depakote can, and often DOES make your cycles far heavier than normal. Heat does help, alot with me too, if you can take otc meds, try migraine relief... like Excedrine Migraine or the generics. They help me.


I have not had that issue sofar with cycle problems, quite the opposite in fact. I find that over the years I have taken so many migrain meds and painkillers for headaches that they just don't cut it anymore. I did start using Aleve, a friend of mine with Fibromyagia gave them to me one day and said they worked well for her migrains. They seem to be the only thing for me that work anymore. Especially the ones I get from the TN, those are the worst ones I have ever had...