Dentist appointment today

Today another day at the dentist, such apprehension everytime. Increased my meds today hoping this will help. Having so much work since Jan 2009 one issue after another, most recent apioectomy above the canine. This was horrific pain for weeks now. Having crowns on two lower teeth. The consolation is I have a very compassionate dentist shuts the vent above me to make sure no breeze on my face, makes phone calls to make sure I am okay. This makes it easier because the person on the opposite of TN cares and understands the disease. Wish me luck today, need this. Dont want to loose anymore teeth.
Good day to all having dental work today!

Good luck! I went last week for a cleaning and was SOOOOOOOOOOOO nervous. I had already waited a year. It was a little painful, not from the TN though....from me waiting! And instead of just scraping all the stuff off, they used a LOT of water and a little scraping. I got a shower on my face, but that's ok. I didn't have any aftershocks either. They told me to come every 6 months so it won't be so much to clean and that should help. I also went back yesterday for a crown, but it was on my good side, so I was fine. Hope yours goes good!