Dentist Today-Oh Goodie~

Dental Work for Today which resulted after 3 appointments on Tues: Therapy, GP, Dentist for X-Rays and Cleaning

Have to get a couple of fillings done (just thrilled) before I pick up my new night guard on Monday

Take an extra pill beforehand and>Going to cut the Lidocaine Patches and put one on my jaw line and one on my neck! Is it Halloween yet? LOL

Soooooooooo much worse today w the after affects, up most of the night, and cannot eat today. Back of head has that intense throbbing-burning , whole side of face including eye Hurts! Ear, snap, crackle POP darts is the worse. Convince me Dental work is worth it, will be a looooooooooooooooooooooong time before anything else gets done!!!

NO smiles here today...