Happy March friends! It's almost officially Spring! Yay!!!!

I'm just curious, does anyone know how many here at GPN have ended up being diagnosed with Eagles Syndrome? I myself have ES and at one point back in the late 90's I had a neurologist kick around the possibility that I "may have had" GPN or TN. But nothing was ever diagnosed because he sent me to physical therapy, prescribed Indocin & Neurontin and sent me on my way. Of course 2 weeks into it I stopped going to PT because the exercises they had me doing were KILLING my neck and the base of my skull :(

Wow, I got off topic there! So, does anyone know the stats? Because over on the Eagles site, many members present with many symptoms of GPN, myself being one of them :)



Yes Amy, I'm another.

I have the elongated styloids too, and GPN, but for me the GPN was the primary pain, the eagles symptoms were always secondary- ( except for it having changed the way I sleep I cant lie on my stomach with my head facing right any more after having two horrific night terrors where I couldnt breathe, both times I believe it was due to a tusk compressing something important in my neck)

I decided to shy away from any eagles treatment because my GPN pain was centred in my ear and everything I read and numerous patients had told me that styloidectomy made ear pain much worse.

Gracie x

Interesting, thank you :)