Could Flouride be causing your TN pain?!

After usually drinking spring or filtered water we got from my parents’ house, I started drinking drinking water that my husband bought at the store… It said on the gallon jugs that it was fluoridated. Anyways sometime after I started drinking the fluoridated drinking water, I started having severe facial pains…sometimes it felt like I was being stabbed in the mouth with a razor blade…the pains would sometimes come so quickly with maybe less than a second apart. I finally thought maybe it was the fluoridated water causing it …I stopped drinking it…and …I don’t know how long afterward…probably not real long, I stopped having the really bad pain and it became really bearable. I googled Multiple Sclerosis and Flouride…and found this website… Please check out whether you have MS or not…and even if you dont read it, please stop drinking fluoridated water and stop using fluoridated toothpaste (look for healthy alternatives) and stop having fluoridated cleansings. Please spread the word, too!!! Thank you!!! If this helps some people, it’ll be worth all the pain I suffered!!

I rarely drink fluoridated water but still came up with the pain. I don't have MS either, but it's really hard to make a decision without a lot of data. I need to know, with a lot of comfirmed data before I believe anything anymore.

This is a hard one. You see I grew up drinking fluoridated water. I had face pain & TMJ. Then years later I moved to another state where there was no fluoride in the drinking water. I was okay for 10 years or so & I was a health freak who used to guzzle down bottles of drinking water every day. I would just keep refilling it! Then this state brought in fluoride to the drinking water. Bang! Then I get TN! I don’t know if there is any connection? There sure has been alot of debate about this issue. But one has to also weigh up the benifits of al those cavities our kids are missing out on. Plus the dental treatment that goes along with it. I don’t know? I don’t know why this happened to me. Are our lives a science or a mystery?