Coping with breakthrough?

Hey guys,

How do you cope with the attacks? I take a lot of tegretol, but nothing else and it seems to be losing its efficiency, the last few days have been horriffic, yesterday in particular, and I can't help but wonder if the eclipse was contributing to it, but thats another story I guess.

When the attacks hit full pelt is there anything you do or take? Surely the problem is that the attacks are just so damned fast that surely there's nothing going to do any good fast enough, are there sprays or drops or something? Cause this is getting to me, and I can't light up for every attack, especially not if I'm working!

Any ideas or suggestions folks? I'm frustrated and hurting and dunno where to go from here.

Much love to all of you.

Gracie x x x

Gracie, I take 4800mg of neurontin daily. When the attacks come full force the doctor gave me a bottle of Lidocaine Viscous that I can squirt at the back of my throat, it numbs the area so I can’t swallow it just swish it around. Sometimes though the pain is so intense it is hard to be “coherent” enough to get the cap off and squirt it. Hope this helps! Sally

Hey Sally,

I was taking that too for a while and it nearly killed me between the pain it gave me and the withdrawal comming off it, its just tegretol I take now, I know exactly what you mean about not being coherent though! By God do I know that feeling, I struggle to breathe when it starts, my first response is to take a deep breath and hold it........ then I reach for my cigarettes, bad response I know!

My pain is in my ears though its very very rare that I have anything in my throat, I don't know if a spray in my throat would help the ear pain, on the basis that its the same nerve running all the way through, would the numbness travel up the way and just zap the B*gger into subission?

Or is that wishful thinking cause one things for certain, if I'm having a spaz out the last thing I'd be able to do would be fill my ears with drops, I did see someone on another board say that they put lidocaine on a cotton bud and poke it in their ears when it starts, but I would be TERRIFIED to put anything into my ear during an attack, least of all a stick!!!

I wish there was an easy answer to this! Thank you so much for your reply though, it's much appreciated.

x x x