I'm new to this site so Hi everyone.

Looking for some natural answers to this desparate TN situation - tried all the meds, and avoiding all surgery at all costs - any use me seeing a chiropractor (spelling?!) ?

Any advice welcome....

Kate :-)

Hi Kate, I'm new here also. I saw a chiropractor several times a week about three years ago. At first it seemed to help but then one day my TN suddenly flared up again so I stopped seeing him.

Now I take 300 mg of Oxcarbazepine tablets two or three times a day.

My latest TN flare up started two months ago but this time I discovered that if I sleep in my chair recliner most of the night, then I'm able to keep the pressure off my head.

Now the intensity of the pain spasms are much less than before. My nerves don't seem to get inflamed like before when I slept in bed all night.


Hi, some time ago I saw a Dorn method therapist who told me that a chiropractor or a Dorn method therapist can help with TN in case your problems are related to the neck spine - e.g. there might be blockages/pressure on the nerves due to the vertebras being twisted the wrong way. However, not all TN cases are related to the neck spine and if you're one of them then you won't probably get much relief from the therapy. I still think it worthwile though to have your spine checked as a whole lot of health problems are related to bad posture. I got a few tips for home exercise and things to avoid from my therapist so it wasn't a waste of time and money:)

Hi Kate, i have been seeing an osteopath for pain management and i find it helps me alot. I started seeing him last year when i was going thru a really bad patch and i would visit him twice a week until the TN subsided. i am seeing him again (at present) to help with the pain again. i find after the visit i feel good, its in between the visits that arent so good. Maybe something to consider! I find osteopaths are more gentle than chiropractors.


Thanks Guys - appreciate all the advice!

Hi - have had the.MVD surgery without success, and had resurgence of extreme pain aprox 4 mos after surgery. I have begun NUCCA treatment about 6 mos ago and i am experiencing good results. I did have indication of a mis aligned C1 via xray.

Im still on medication, and im beginning B complex to begin healing of nerves.

I do not regret surgery, and would recommend for most.

I must understand that nerve pain cause is long term so healing is long term. Nucca is a part of my healing, and likely a large part. I would highly recommend nucca treatment largely due to my own improvement and several others who have had same.

Ive learned everyone is different, traditional medicine treats pain - not cause. Cause can be vascular, lesion, ms, or upper cervical mis-alignment, or? My treatment was largely emotionally driven, due to pain.

Your cause will require an extraordinary amount of attn. I would definitely get an xray of C1 by nucca dr. and back up with MRI (hi res) to omit any vascular or other anomally. Or vice versa.

Best to you

Ps, nucca dr’s are as gentle as it gets…i couldnt believe it worked, until it did.