Cervical block

So I had a cervical block done in January 2012. And so far so good it has greatly improved my symptoms and I’m feeling much better.

La Rae - thanks for sharing . can you tell more ?

does you pain was in the teeth ? was the block done in the Cervial spot because you felt the pressure from there was on the jaw/face ?

please tell more

thanks for sharing

I'm so sorry for not responding sooner. My cervical injection was done because my trigeminal pain stemmed from a head and neck injury. The trigeminal nerve root comes from the 3rd cervical spine region which was out of place for me. I did have numbness in my teeth which went away immediately. The pain is mainly in my right cheek and sometimes forehead. It feels mostly like a tightening and gets worse with talking and laughing. The pain has returned somewhat although it is more tolerable and it bought me some time to heal my head injury so that I'm not so completely overwhelmed with pain and can now continue to try to heal my neck.