Cant eat or drink anything hot or cold all of a sudden ? anyone else?

ATN -new symptom- all of a sudden i cant eat or drink anything hot or cold as it sends a wave of pain through all of my upper teeth. i have one tooth that has an incomplete root canal ( found on a dental ct scan) .....and now i wonder if it can possibly be that one canal of one tooth? or is it just the TN tricking me ??? anyone else have problems with hot or cold ?

Hi, golfgirl. I feel your pain. Literally. Even though all my pain is in the lower teeth and toungue I have one upper tooth that tolerates no cold at all even though I know there's nothing wrong with it.

Yes, I've always had this problem. I think it is quite a common symptom of TN but it might be best to check it out with your dentist. I can only eat and drink luke warm things (when I'm well enough to eat!!!). Take care. Happy and painfree Christmas to you.