Can Hyoid Syndrome cause GN

I just have had my hyoid bone larger cornu taken out because it showed it 1mm away from spine. Has anyone heard of this causing GN? Would it even be close to nerve. I have GN I’m both sides but mostly right. Hurts in tonsil area, base of tongue and all down sides of tongue also. What do you think of hyoid and tongue prob? We know bone is cause pain when I turn head, but don’t know if its triggering tongue pain. They CT me for Eagles, but showed no problems with that. Please anyone who knows more about hyoid let me know. Thank

I'm sorry I didn't see this until recently, portland72. Did you get any answers for your pain? There is a member on the Eagle community having similar issues after hyoid surgery. You are welcome to join the Eagle group, if you haven't already.

Portland72, are you still on this forum? I hope you are doing alright now. Please post an update if you can. Sending you good vibes. :slight_smile: