Burning Pain...New Hope

For those suffering from burning Type 2 kinds of pain, the following Scientific America article might be a good place to start looking for clues and hope. This is not a free article but it very neatly puts together a lot of threads I have been researching since in the summer it was suggested that I have some kind of neuropathy that my be caused by a “channelopathy”. That is, ion channels in neurons malfunctioning. I am awaiting genetic testing.

I did have compressions on 5th and 7th nerves, and did have a semi- successful MVD, and I do have an issue with my 9/10 nerve but further surgery is not recommended. I also have severe scalp pain and probably cluster headaches as well. Compressions are not always the story. I think people get very fixated on this kind of cure. It is marvellous for some but not for others.

If you want to look deeper than compressions you have to look at channelopathies. It’s really challenging to understand but the Scientific America article is a great place to start.

I am not a salesperson for this journal.


Best to all the "burners"


Thanks for the article. I found another I thought might be of interest to the group, even though it is not specific to TN.


Yes, thanks, this is very much related.