New Treatment NAV1.7

I read a couple articles online about this clinical trial that was done to test the medication or so they say the new medication that could help more in releieving pain in patients that have TN. The medication is called NAV1.7 or CNV1014802. I don’t know if it has been released? But has anyone else read about it?

hi there,
I posted a thread a while back on this topic. So far nothing has panned out in terms of actual treatments, but they are exploring NAV 1.7 channel for pain control. Maybe some day.

Here is the thread:

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Regardless you didn’t get TN through lack of a medication, so, bit brutal, but wrong direction.

If that is supposed to be a counter argument for using medication, then i am not really convinced. A fire is not caused by lack of a fire extinguisher either.
I am very much behind your idea of a holistic treatment, but that kind of idealism can be misguided. I would chug down any medication that would bring me any relief. If some day doctors can :

  1. find the exact cause of my TN
  2. learn how to undo the cause of my TN without much harm

then ill opt for your approach.

Actually, MVD (which you seem to warn everyone against), seems to be the closest thing to going to the cause of TN and undoing it.
Anyhoo, I missed our discussions mate and its been a long time :slight_smile:



Read your bio, for your dad, I don’t know what you’ve tried, but it has been a while, there is a thread going on for tn and migraine, a common cause can be the neck, something to consider, if not already done so

Hi h,
Pretty sure if said fire had started in my gaff, I’d want to know the cause regardless of the fire extinguisher. I understand the need for pain relief.

So what did cause the fire? The vascular compression is a nonsense for so many reasons stated previously. I’m more than willing to state them again. Took Janetta some 15 yrs before he was taken seriously, and unfortunately he was.

H I’m unsure, think your in the US, hence not entirely sure how it works but I’ll give you the UK example.

Pain, G.P. , medication, referral neurologist, medication,more medication possibly surgeon.

Where in this is a diagnosis considered, the end point is MVC, in addition scare the crap of said patient. No alternative. Suggest an MVD, no evidence it it is the cause. On this site sparky states his intervention helps his other half.

MVD is nonsence and unfortunately will take a generation to change their minds, egos .
Don’t say I’m right, but H for a discussion point, mate, hello and hope your OK.

Just reading through this thread made me think abut some of my musings on TN.
Personally I think that MVD is missing the mark by a long shot for two main reasons

  1. There are too many reported fails with the procedure to consider it a cure, it is merely a symptomatic treatment that helps some and not others.
  2. Can’t quite remember the stats, but in terms of context something like only 10% of TN patients have arterial compression and 99% of people who have arterial compression do not have TN
    Hence the MVC hypothesis has already been disproven.

Having said that the terminology for MVD is already faulty, it is not primarily a vascular decompression, it would more aptly be named MND (Micro Neural Decompression) as this is the primary goal to alleviate the MNC (Micro Neural Compression).
Thinking on from that If it is a Neural Compression, then what else could be causing that to occur, from our personal experience at this point in time we put forward an MNC hypothesis that suggests C1-C4 vertebral misalignment narrowing the spinal cavity and hence causing aggravation of the trigeminal nerve. The misalignment may be the result of Injury, wear & tear, ageing, anxiety, poor posture and hence the resolution would be to address any shortcomings in these areas of the patients sphere.

It may well be a compression, but maybe they have the wrong end of the stick.

Must stress these are my musings and they seem to fit our current experience to date, it’s all still a work in progress, we basically had 2 goals with TN

  1. To achieve complete symptomatic relief in the least damaging way possible.
  2. To pursue the source of the TN dysfunction and work towards a permanent resolution.

If we satisfy the first before the second, then there is no need for us to pursue the second, if we achieve both even better and this has guided us through our exploration and research.

Not for getting that at the point of vascular compression it is a peripheral nerve, and ‘compression’, by what ever component, vascular or otherwise, symptoms are anything but peripheral nerve compression. Need a facebook page ’ the TN hypothesis’, might save a lot of folk. That said sponsers of fpn research might not like it. That said might be nice to know who they were/ have been. To be fair might be transparent, haven’t looked