Breakthrough Pain

Have had a really bad go of it the last few days. Just lots of breakthrough pain. The thing about the jabs is…when they are done, I feel normal again. A little anxious about the next attack, but basically pain free.
These last few days have been different. The jabs come and go throughout the day and night (especially the night) but even when they are gone, there is an ache that sticks around.

It was so bad yesterday I went to the ER. I avoid that place like the plague but I was in do much pain I was crying. Add to the fact it was my daughter’s second birthday and I was not able to be the mom I wanted to be because of the pain…oh yeah there was some serious momma guilt going on.

Anyway, the doc on call was really nice, didn’t question my diagnosis (lately every doctor I see thinks they are the first to think it could be something else) and he prescribed hydrocodone. I’m not a fan of any narcotics but I needed some relief. He suggested taking them just yo break the pain cycle. My mother took my kiddo for the day/night and I went home and took the pills. The first dose took the pain away completely and I was on cloud nine. Since then they gave had less effectiveness. I’ve actually found taking extra Tegretol has more of a pain relieving effect than the Vicodin.

I’m hoping this pain cycle breaks before I go to work on Monday. I do a lot of talking and smiling at my job and I can’t exactly pop the vicoden at work.